Alu-Power HPC Carbide End Mills

For Truly High Performance Machining

Aluminum, Non- Ferrous & Non Metallic Materials


Oustanding Performance with ALL levels of CNC Machines


Requires LESS horsepower
Delivers BETTER surface finishes
Provides LONGER tool life

- 3 Flute, 37° Helix
- Balanced by Design
- Cut-to-Center” – all 3 flutes
- Cylindrical Land
- Proprietary Corner Gash
- Tough Micrograin Substrate

Will Run at MAXIMUM
Machine Speed

See the Alu-Power HPC in ACTION

Running at 2375 SFM
Pocketing at full axial depth – 261 IPM
Profiling 3/4D axial - 241-261 IPM

When Ordering, Be Sure to Say “HPC”

Select by part #, by diameter,
by LOC, or OAL, even by radius

When horsepower is limited
Use Alu-Power
Conventional Design
2 & 3 Flute

Universal Excellence in ALL Operations

Roughing, Finishing, Plunging, Ramping, Pocketing, Circular Interpolation, Thin and Long Wall Applications

Delivers very good floor and wall finishes

Provides efficient chip evaculation

Runs at higher feed rates and produces lower cutting forces

The Widest Range of Standard Sizes

Cutting Diameters from 1/8” thru 1”
Stub, Reg, Long & X-Long Flute Lengths
Multiple Choices of Reach Lengths
Many Radius Choices

.010, .015, .030, .060, .090, .125, .190, .250


Your choice – Coated or Non-Coated
Series E5G - Non-Coated
Series JAG - DLC-Coated

6061, 7050 & 7075 don’t usually need coated tools. Aluminum Lithium & Silicon Alluminum need coating for more abrasion resistance. Competition mostly provides TiCN, or ZrN. We provide DLC-Coating as standard, delivering far superior tool life.

Perfect on Low-Power Machines

(i.e., Haas VF2, Haas Osprey, Okuma 15K RPM)

On low power machines, 3 flute tools will provide higher metal removal rates (MRR) than 2 flute tools, but require higher horsepower

Perfect on High-Power Machines

(i.e., Makino MAG 120kw (160hp), Mitsui Seiki, Starag Blisk)

On high power machines, 3 flute tools provide optimal performance in heavy, roughing cuts

  • Slotting Ap (radial) - 100% Ae (axial) - 70-100%
  • Profiling Ap (radial) - 150-200% Ae (axial) - 30-60%

Coming Soon

Alu-Power HPC - 2 Flute

For use on low power machines and pulling less horsepower

Finished Part