YG-1 Screw Thread Insert Taps

STI Taps

HSSE-V3 Material with Proprietary Hardslick™ Coating


For Installing Helicoil-Type Threaded Inserts


Threaded inserts provide stronger threads, which provide stronger assemblies

Why YG-1 STI Taps?

YG’s Hardslick Coating

  • Provides a low coefficient of friction
  • Reduces torque and stress on the tap
  • Provides efficient chip evacuation
  • Improves thread finish
  • Minimizes galling

Available from STOCK!!!

  • 98% off-the-shelf delivery
  • Also IN STOCK in Los Angeles Warehouse

Over 150 Standard Sizes

Unified Threads

From 2-56 thru ¾ - 16

Metric Threads

From M2-0.4 thru M12-1.75
  • Both Bright & Hardslick™Coated Series will work well in all softer materials
  • Hardslick™ Coated Taps will provide much longer tool life AND are especially effective in wrought and cast aluminum
  • ST/SI Series Taps are designed to fit 2B Class Fit Inserts. STI Taps for Class 3B fit are available on request

Special Thread sizes and / or Pitch limits are available on request


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