V7 Plus A Carbide End Mills – Vibration Free Machining

No One Delivers higher CIM in Ferrous Materials

Our 4 Flute beats everyone else’s 4 and 5 Flute variable helix tools

Use for roughing and semi finishing

Our 6 Flute delivers maximum MRR, in High Speed Trochoidal Machining

Use for roughing, finishing and “peel-milling” operations

Does the job 50% faster and leaves superior surface finishes

Square End * Ball Nose * Many Radius Choices

.010, .015, .030, .060, .090, .125, .190, .250

Plain or Flat on Shank * Extended Neck


Select by part #, by diameter,
by LOC, or OAL, even by radius

Trochoidal Milling 1405 Steel - 30 HRc at 7300 RPM, 295 IPM


Unequal Flute Spacing & Multiple Helix Geometry produces LESS vibration than variable helix tools


NOTE: The 6 Flute V7 Plus A has a 45° Helix

Pocketing 1045 – 30 HRc at 7300 RPM, 58 IPM


YG-1’s “Y-Coating”

A unique & proprietary PVD coating
Higher Hardness & Better Thermal Stability than AlCrN or AlTiN