YG-1 Shrink Fit Toolholders

Superior Rigidity – Superior Accuracy

Why Shrink Fit?

Best runout
Superior Gripping
Elegant & Slick at the Nose – Fits Anywhere

…and now

Deliver Powerful coolant through the nose


Why YG-1’s Shrink Fit?

Outstanding Prices
A Wide Selection of Styles & Sizes
An economical switch from Solid to Coolant-Thru
costs only 4-5% more!!!

Shrink Fit Gripping - A Beautiful Concept

  • Start with an undersized hole
  • Heat it up and expand the hole to match the tool shank
  • Cool it and the holder shrinks and literally becomes a solid tool

2.5 times more accurate than collet chucks


2 to 4 times the torque power of a collet chuck


Shrink Fit Holders Prove Best in...

Perfect for High RPM Machines
Ideal for High Speed, High Feed & Fine Finishing Applications
Minimizes Tool "Pull-Out" found when Higher Helix Tools Take Heavy Cuts

Coolant-hole end mills are expensive and scarce


Complicated set ups take time and don’t get the coolant near the cutting edge in deep cuts


Coolant-Thru Shrink Fit Holders Save Tool Cost AND Set-up Time

While getting the coolant to the point of cut

No Need for Duplicate Inventory

Time to replace a holder?

Order a Coolant-Thru style. Works great without coolant, too. But when you need coolant… you have the best!!!

Only a 4-5% premium – Pays for itself QUICKLY

and now…. get the coolant far closer to the point of cut

Coolant-Thru Shrink Fit Holders

Initial Inventory – IN STOCK at YG-1’s  L.A. Warehouse

For CAT Tapers

Single Contact Style

Use for all applications

You don’t always need to use coolant, but when you do…

YG-1’s gets the coolant where it works the best!


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